January 2017

kamasutra tips for lasting longer, kamasutra

Kamasutra Tips for Lasting Longer? Kamasutra tips for lasting longer in bed.  Do want to last longer in bed, but don’t want to take pills.  Pharamcitual love pills have many side long term side affects. Kamasutra positions overlooked by so many. The Kamsutra text contains many interpretations.  As for actual Kamasutra illustrations, there currently appears
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Kmasutra positions

Kamasutra Love Positions? We think about Kamasutra love positions, but forget about the emotional side of this old love practice.  Sure many kamasutra sexual positions are important. However, the underlying philosophy of the Kama Sutra takes a backstage. Love making is a universal common-denominator and makes the Kamasutra universal and timeless. An interpretation of the
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kama sutra, kamasutra, why kamasutra

WHY KAMASUTRA? Why Kamasutra still matters.  Love making is a universal common-denominator.  We all think of it, and we all do it.  As we drive back and forth from work, we think of making love to someone special.  At school or at the gym our minds get bombarded by thoughts of love. Our consciousness and
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