Kamasutra Positions

Kamasutra Positions-Kama Sutra 64 Sexual Positions- Put Out More!

Kamasutra positions incorporates over 60 different sexual positions. Helping you to put out more! Every sexual position concentrates on totally different areas of the body; while providing enjoyment.

As well, the Kamasutra contains directions on which ways to perform those sexual positions. Without a doubt, the Kamasutra endures as the foremost comprehensive sex guide.

Kamasutra’s Arts and Sciences-Kamasutra Positions

Separate from the KamaSutra positions includes a list of 64 study skills, also known as Arts and Sciences section. Within PART I (ARTS AND SCIENCES), exists a list for both men and women.  This section indicates what to study, such as singing, playing musical instruments, and so on.

Curiously, the list of Arts and Sciences amounts to 64 items. The number 64 repeats itself through-out the Kamasutra Text.

Kamasutra’s Eight Main Arts – 64 Sexual Positions of the Kamasutra

Kamasutra Positions, Kama Sutra 64 Sexual Positions, Put Out More!In PART II, (THE EMBRACE), of the Kama Sutra suggests many sexual positions. It describes several sexual positions totaling “Sixty-four” (Chatushshashti).

Many interpretations exists; as to why, this Chapter is referred to sixty-four. However, our interpretation consists of Chapter II containing eight main arts, with eight variations. Eight times eight equals 64, a grand total of 64 Kamasutra positions:

Kamasutra Positions                Kamasutra Positions

EIGHT MAIN ARTS- Kamasutra Positions

  1. The Embrace,
  2. Kissing,
  3. Scratching with the nails or fingers,
  4. Biting,
  5. Lying down,
  6. Making various sounds,
  7. Playing the part of a man, and
  8. Mouth

KamaSutra’s Variations- Kamasutra Positions

Under each, of the EIGHT Main Arts of the Kamasutra positions, they include Eight variations or eight sub-sections. As a consequence, they build on the Kamasutra positions to 64 plus. However, not all of the variations equal eight; in fact, most contain more than eight variations.

Not only is the Kamasutra extremely old, it shares many interpretations. The Kama Sutra interpretations resulted in omissions and additions along the way. However, today credit falls to Vatsyayana Mallanaga. While, many believe that Mallanaga was not the author. But rather, that he aggregated from several previous works and gave the title “Kamasutra.”

In addition, in the earlier versions of the Kamasutra, illustrations never existed. As for Kamasutra Postions art work, no evidence exists. While believers think what ever art work existed, they just made it made up.  Then they transferred the artwork into subsequent versions of the Kamasutra.

No need to get stuck on the many Kamasutra Positions. However, to work together and please the love partner. It requires for a lover to understand their partner both mentally and physically.

Kamasutra Positions                Kamasutra Positions