Dangerous Kamasutra

Dangerous Kamasutra?

Most dangerous Kamasutra positions overlooked by followers. The Kamsutra text contains many interpretations.  As for actual Kamasutra Illustrations, there currently appears to be none.  The Kama Sutra sexual positions based on the written interpretation of the love text.

The impact of the Kamasutra extends though time.  As love making is a universal common-denominator.  We all think of it, and we all love to do it.

As with anything else, the Kamasutra positions requires moderation.  Most of the Kamasutra positions appear safe, but taken in an aggressive manner appear dangerous.

In the article, 5 Kamasutra Tips to Avoid,  By Arka Roy Chowdhury, 12.6.16, onlymyhealth.com, details the most dangerous Kamasutra postions:

Excerpts from: “5 Kamasutra Tips to Avoid”

Then he should throw her arms round his neck, and put her thighs alongside his waist so as to move herself by her feet. Her feet are touching the wall against which the man is leaning.
Now this position is not a child’s play, first the man has chances of breaking his back and you should never try it even if you have an inkling of back pain. This position for sex is utterly dangerous because the couple is standing up and the man is holding the entire weight of the woman, if she falls then her spinal cord or other body parts are at the risk of a major damage. Unless the man is a version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the woman is feather light, you must avoid this position.”  Read More

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