kamasutra tips for lasting longer

Kamasutra Tips for Lasting Longer?

Kamasutra tips for lasting longer in bed.  Do want to last longer in bed, but don’t want to take pills.  Pharamcitual love pills have many side long term side affects.

Kamasutra positions overlooked by so many. The Kamsutra text contains many interpretations.  As for actual Kamasutra illustrations, there currently appears to be none.  The Kama Sutra sexual positions are really based on the written interpretation of the love text.

The Kamasutra offers technique to you loving partner.  As you provide energy and attention to your partner.  By making comfortable and stimulating your partner, it gives you a game plan for foreplay.  The foreplay increases the intensity, and the moment is extended, providing a fruitful experience.

As with anything else, the Kamasutra positions requires repetition and accessible to any lover.

In the article, Best kamasutra Positions to Last Longer,  By Onlyhealth staff Writer, 5.23.16, onlymyhealth.com, details some of the Kamasutra postions:
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“#1 The woman lies on her back, bending her knees. The man stands between her legs, lifting them during the pursuit. It is a pleasant position for both the partners and doesn’t involve much of effort, helping you to last long.

#2 The woman stands on man’s side. He raises her leg to the chest level or as much as possible. He slides towards her and still holding her leg while making love. Alternatively, the position can also be done while kneeling.

#3 The position fits only when the woman has the optimal weight. She sits on the man’s back as she stands above him with her face oriented towards the man’s legs. In the act, the man bends his knees while the woman moves standing on his knees.”  Read More

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