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Kamasutraherbal.com was started by a angry young guy with suicidal thoughts. I had a messed up life, drank and took some recreational drugs.

I later visited India to explore Goenka Meditation and it saved my life. I later became interested in the Bhagavad Gita and many things Indian. Kamasutraherbal.com began as a simple list to see of my learnings– http:/kamasutraherbal.com

On this site we ransacked the internet looking for nothing but the latest trends in Kamasutra on the web and put it all into one easy and convenient location for you… which is right here!

None of the products and remedies found on our site is sold by us directly however we do receive a small commission for many of the items when purchased by our visitors.

We’re constantly posting new ideas and remedies all the time so be sure to check back regularly and best wishes!

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